Schedule 2 — Our Fees

Effective Date: 20 May 2024. The previous version of Schedule 2 (Our Fees) is available here.

Management of the account
Account opening€0
Account maintenance€0
Customer service€0
Maintenance of accounts subject to closure€6 per calendar month
Providing a debit card
Card issuance€0
Monthly fee€0
Per purchase fee, except quasi-cash and foreign currency transactions€0
Quasi-cash* transaction fee€200 per month free, then 2%
Foreign currency transaction fee1%
Extra virtual card€0
Plastic card delivery for any new card order€5
Plastic card replacement delivery for any existing card that was lost, stolen, not collected from the post or requested to be reissued by you€3
Adding money
Add Money from a consumer EEA card1%
Add Money from Google Pay/ Apple Pay1%
Add Money from a non-EEA card3%
Add Money from a commercial card3%
Incoming Bank Transfer€0
Receive a Paylink payment from an EEA card1.3% + €0.10**
Receive a Paylink payment from a non-EEA card or a commercial card2.7% + €0.10**
Receive a Joompay Payment€0
Sending money
Send a Joompay Payment from your Joompay balance€0
Send a Joompay Payment from a consumer EEA card1%
Send a Joompay Payment from a commercial card3%
Send a Joompay Payment from a non-EEA card3%
Outgoing Bank Transfer3 transfers per month free, then €1 each
Cash withdrawal
ATM balance inquiries€0
ATM withdrawals5 withdrawals or €200 per month free (whichever comes first), then 2%, €1 minimum per withdrawal
Inactivity fee€0
Top-Up Chargeback Fee€30

*Quasi-cash transaction means a card transaction that is similar or easily converted to cash and marked as such by the payment schemes, which typically represents a top-up of a wallet, account or a virtual card, a top-up of a betting or gaming provider, etc.

**These fees are waived by us for the first 3 months from the date when the Paylink functionality is made available to you.

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