Joompay Card Security Tips

Protecting your Card payment details is important for everyone who makes the majority of their transactions through debit cards. Here are some simple steps to keep your funds safe and keep your card activity in check.

(*in addition to Section 7 of our Card Terms and Conditions that you should be following)

  1. Do not tell your card expiry date and CVV (three-digit number on the back side of the card) in presence of strangers who ask for this information to complete payments. Together with the card number, this information may be enough to debit the funds from your card;
  2. Do not hand your card to anyone. If a cashier or a waiter takes your card out of your sight in order to complete the payment, request to bring a machine over, so you can keep an eye on the paying process;
  3. Do not show or tell your PIN code and transaction confirmation code received from Joompay in someone's presence;
  4. If you have received a confirmation code or notification for a transaction you didn't make, you should immediately freeze your card and contact our customer support team. The card can be frozen on the "Card" tab of Joompay application and the customer support team can be contacted via the in-app chat or;
  5. Avoid sharing the access to your Joompay Account with anyone else, including the use of remote access applications;
  6. Do not keep the PIN code anywhere close to your card, and do not write your PIN on the card itself. If you forgot your PIN code, you may always change it on the "Card" tab of your Joompay account;
  7. Before your insert a card into an ATM, make sure that there are no suspicious elements on the keypad which could be used to read your PIN code or card data;
  8. Cover the keypad with your hand when entering the PIN code on an ATM or POS machine;
  9. Avoid purchases on suspicious websites that consist of a single page, have undervalued prices or no Legal information provided on site. Before making the payment online, make sure that you trust the merchant you are going to pay. We recommend looking for other customers' reviews of an unknown online merchant. In order to identify whether the merchant can be trusted, check the SSL Certificate of online Merchant's website;
  10. If you believe you made a payment to a fake or non trusted merchant, immediately contact the customer services team via the in-app chat or;
  11. If you lost your card, you should immediately freeze it on the "Card" tab of your Joompay account and contact the customer support team.
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