Schedule 1 — Definitions

Effective Date: 29 August 2022. Until this date the previous version of the Schedule 1 (Definitions) will continue to apply to our new and existing customers, which is available here.

"Account Transactions" means the transactions defined in Clause 9.1 of these General Terms and Conditions.

"Activity" means the list of Transactions you have entered into, which is available in the Joompay Application in a separate tab or a section of the web page.

"Add Money" means a Top-up of your Joompay Account with a payment card;

"Bank Transfer" means either an Incoming Bank Transfer or an Outgoing Bank Transfer, as applicable.

"Business Day" means a day, other than a public holiday in Luxembourg, when banks in Luxembourg are open for business.

"Card Issuer" means Joompay which is licensed by a card scheme to issue Joompay Cards and manage the associated funds across the Visa network.

"Card PIN" means personal identification number, which is associated with your Joompay Card and allows you to enter into Card Transactions.

"Card Processor" means a third-party payment network card (e.g., GPS) processor.

"Card Transactions" means the transactions defined in Clause 9.2 of these General Terms and Conditions.

"Communications" means information provided relating to your Joompay Account or any Account Transaction or Card Transaction, including: any agreements and policies you agree to, (e.g., these General Terms and Conditions) including updates to these agreements or policies; disclosures and notices, including prospectuses and reports for transaction receipts or confirmations; Joompay Account statements and history; and payments authorizations and transaction receipts or confirmations; documents; and any other information related to your Joompay Account or the Joompay Services.

"Counterparty" means the person you wish to send Electronic Money or money to.

"Counterparty Bank Account" means a bank or other payment account of the Counterparty.

"CSSF" means the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, the Luxembourg prudential supervisory authority of the financial sector whose address is: 283, route d’Arlon L-1150 Luxembourg, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Further information on the CSSF can be obtained on the CSSF’s website at

"Electronic Money" means electronically stored value represented by a claim against Joompay.

"Force Majeure Event" means an event which is beyond the reasonable control of an affected party including without limit any market disruption, acts or restraints of national or foreign government(s) or public authorities including courts, war, revolution, strikes or other industrial action, fire, flood, natural disaster, explosion, terrorist action, the suspension or limitation of trading by any execution venue, or any breakdown, failure, defective performance or malfunction of any telecommunications settlement or other equipment or systems.

"Incoming Bank Transfer" means an incoming credit transfer received by us using the IBAN details associated with your Joompay Account, upon receipt of which we will issue an equivalent amount of Electronic Money to you and add them to your Joompay Account.

"Information" means any confidential and/or personally identifiable information or other information, including but not limited to the following: first name, surname, email address, date and place of birth, tax identification number, billing/shipping address, phone number and financial information.

"Joompay", "we," "us," or "our" means, depending on the context, either (i) Joompay Europe S.A., the details of which are set out in Clause 2.1; (ii) the Joompay Application; or (iii) the web page for accessing any of the Joompay Services.

"Joompay Account" means your relationship with us as described in these General Terms and Conditions and in particular the accounts held with us in which Electronic Money are held.

"Joompay Account Profile" means your profile, accessible on the Joompay Application where you can view, among other things, your personal details and security settings.

"Joompay Application" means the mobile application for iOS and Android owned or licensed by Joompay.

"Joompay Card" means either physical or virtual Joompay Card as offered in Joompay.

"Joompay Payment" has the meaning set out in Clause 9.1.(a) of the General Terms & Conditions.

"Joompay Card Terms and Conditions" means the terms and conditions between you and Joompay (acting as Card Issuer) relating to the issuance to you and the use by you of the Joompay Card enclosed as Schedule 3.

"Joompay Services" means you being given access to Joompay and being able to receive the Joompay Card and to perform Transactions and any other services provided by Joompay to you from time to time.

"Joompay User" means a user of Joompay which is not you.

"Merchant" means a legal entity or another person selling goods or services in the usual course of its business, which has an account with Joompay and has agreed with us to receive payments in Electronic Money.

"Mobile" means your smartphone or other electronic device upon which you have downloaded Joompay or accessing the web page enabling you to use some of Joompay Services.

"Outgoing Bank Transfer" has the meaning set out in Clause 9.1.(b) of the General Terms & Conditions.

"Passcode" means your personal identification number which is entered onto Joompay to gain access to the latter.

"Paylink" means an internet link (address) associated with your Account enabling us to receive card payments from third parties and to issue you an equivalent amount of Electronic Money.

"Paytag" means a unique identifier assigned to you and to each Joompay User starting with "&" symbol and enabling the associated user to send and receive money within Joompay with this identifier.

"Privacy Policy" means our privacy policy which can be found on

"Restricted Country" means a country, region or territory that is either subject to EU or OFAC sanctions, or restricted by Visa, MasterCard or other payment schemes, or is considered by Joompay in its sole discretion to be subject to a greater money laundering and terrorist financing risk.

"Supplement(s)" means an agreement between Joompay and you for the provision of separate services by Joompay or one of its partners to you.

"SignUp" means the sign-up process to be completed in Joompay to apply for the opening of a Joompay Account and to be provided with the Joompay Services, during which you i.a. provide us with information and accept these General Terms and Conditions.

"Top-Up" has the meaning set out in Clause 8.1 of the General Terms & Conditions.

"Transaction" means any of the Top-up, the Account Transactions or Card Transactions.

"Transaction Limits" mean the limits Joompay imposes on the Transactions you can enter into (including, without limitation, the Unverified Joompay Account Limits), the details of some of which may be disclosed to you.

"User", "you" or "your" means you being the individual that has agreed to these General Terms and Conditions to use the Joompay Services.

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