Simple and reliable
payouts for marketplaces
Joompay helps you to split payments and send payouts to your seller easily and fast
Why Joompay?
PSP agnostic setup
Multiple PSPs to optimize costs and user experience
Payments and payouts in most suitable currencies
Full PSD2 compliance
Payment flow fully compliant with all the regulations
Agent KYC
Automated KYC verification, optimized according to local regulations in different countries
Multiple payout options
Instant payouts to Joompay accounts, worldwide transfers to bank accounts and e-wallets, including Mainland China
Easily integrated
API integration for splitting payments and pinpointing payout delivery times
PSP agnostic payouts
We gather payments from all PSPs into a single Joompay account
We split payouts between your sellers and the marketplace in a way most convenient for you
The entire process is fast, easy and PSD2 compliant
PSP agnostic payouts
Fast and easy
KYC for your seller
Verification of country-specific documents with localization
Anti-fraud protection
Instant and reliable KYC right in the app
Fast and easy Fast and easy
Multiple withdrawal options for your sellers
Multiple withdrawal options for your sellers
Instant transfers to Joompay account
Wire transfers in the same day
Transfers to wallets in the same day
Including payouts
to Mainland China
Multiple payouts options:
Bank account
Including payouts Including payouts
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